Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American explode of thett one red baisket

Look off, we hev join your American disease channel know as Twetted

Here we will throw off for you for how to figure outh how to saind your saix to owse for free, or if you are mane, how to show your sister and momtron how to send ett.


Do a looke. Get raidy for vegina buttjowb.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

200 Caits + Crying Laidy

We have been explode with so mainy weemon, we hev not hev the times to do the talk to you.

THO: new new shaith is in the cookbox, swerr to gowth.

At lest, the phone calls recorde is to being put into the words, is being make. Soon. Prowmise.

Also, new sowngs. Look off!

In meantiming, '40 Oz. Slushie' coming to the digitalizing distrography for soon. Look off!

Look at this weemon:

We show you what we know you when the ass is jowbs.

Get it whet.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

GROUP X videos from ROFLcon

Earleter this American handjob summer, we went to your American town of OHIFOD to play musics at your American shiternet conventions, ROFLcon.

We playet with a fett girl name Leslie and the Ly's or something, we coulding smelled her pussat from many distances.

Was nott good.

Ok, here is two show videats of us, not us, some American shitjobs we ask to go play songs for us soing we can continue to have stay at home and do a touch to ourselvinvs.

We can playeing any song of ever have to have been writ, you did know that?

We can play your Jon Arcade songs, we can play Dett Boweings, we can play Shark Liquids, we can play Truck, we can play Ricky Martaints, we can play anything you want.




Hey, do a lookoff, GROUP X ARABIAN RAP SENSATION cominwge off back to you from the #1 hotshit space zone of Cramshananteen Saudia Arabia, negret.

We haive been lot busy with our time for weemon and explodes on the magic cett, but noww we areing back to do a touchtalk with your listen device and as well your push hit eater for us.



Listen, we are tired but we hevv the lot to talk abouth, we hev did the saix with Lindsay's Lohan AND ALSO Janey Prattle AND ALSO Britney's Taithies and we are knowing how to rip the shett out of what you got.

Do a looke job here for mores soon, we promise. Lots of hot talke.